Strategic Due Diligence

Strategy Defined and Delivered

The key to unlocking a private equity investment’s full potential is a rigorous strategic due diligence. OGx Consulting provides data-driven answers to the most critical questions when deciding whether to pursue business deals and investments by thoroughly analyzing the business objectives, current and projected markets, competitive landscape, and the target company’s capabilities and culture. OGx’s rigorous and proven strategic due diligence methodology weighs risks, uncovers deal synergies, crafts mitigation strategies, and ultimately provides a final recommendation on whether to pursue the investment opportunity.

To get a better understanding of why we believe strategic due diligence is critical when considering investment opportunities, please read our most recent strategic due diligence white paper.

[Whitepaper] Strategic Due Diligence – The key to unlocking a deal’s full potential

Our Approach

Creating Strong Client Relationships and Performing Expert Analysis

OGx’s approach involves working with our clients to determine the objectives of the investment opportunity, analyzing industry market trends, evaluating competition and the competitive landscape, and conducting an internal analysis of the target company to formulate the best strategy for success moving forward.

We help our clients develop a strategy aligned with their objectives
We analyze consumer needs and market trends within the investment opportunity’s industry
We provide a robust outlook on current competition and the competitive landscape across the industry
We conduct a deep-dive internal analysis to objectively assess whether the target company is capable of achieving the desired outcomes of the deal

Key Benefits

Data-Driven Answers to Increase Understanding and Success

OGx’s rigorous and proven strategic due diligence provides key significant benefits for our clients when making critical decisions about an investment opportunity.

Receive data-driven answers to support your decisions
Determine whether deal value is realistic, attainable, and likely
Provide you with a deeper understanding of the market and competition
Validate deal rationale and uncover potential synergies
Identify potential integration and cultural challenges and develop mitigation tactics to improve likelihood of achieving your expected return

Recent Engagement Highlights

  • Evaluated a nautical-based ridesharing company for a Denver-based PE firm which supported funding acquisition from additional limited partners
  • Assessed a digital mortgage platform-based company for a venture capital firm
  • Evaluated a clean-energy technology start-up for a private equity firm