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Develop Your Strategy Toolkit

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At OGx, our Strategy Practice supports wide groups of client initiatives ranging from strategy planning, strategy deployment, growth strategies, enterprise value improvement, etc. We work closely with clients by leveraging breakthrough thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks and models, along with extensive implementation skills to help them transform their strategic plans into practical action steps culminating into breakthrough results.

OGx strategy consultants work side by side with top management to help plan and implement their corporate strategies. The result of these collaborative efforts is an approach that ensures that all strategies can be turned into actions, led from the top, with clear accountabilities.

Our Capabilities – How we can help you

Over the years we have developed a proprietary strategy toolkit, along with playbooks to kick start our strategy work. We adopt a highly collaborative approach engaging clients to gain a full understanding of their challenges, limitations, and opportunities. We utilize both quantitative and qualitative analysis to generate the best of breed recommendations, and develop a detailed roadmap so they can best be implemented within the client’s environment.

Our Strategy Consulting Focus:

Strategic Planning and Organizational Performance Management

OGx strategic planning professionals help clients achieve and sustain superior performance by linking tangible actions to a clear organizational vision. We work together with our clients to develop a strategic plan that is robust, yet flexible and actionable, sophisticated, yet easily implemented within their organizational context. We focus on supporting your strategic decision-making and operational management processes by defining actions that are in line with your organization’s strategy and determining key performance indicators (KPIs) and balanced scorecards that are coordinated among business units. At each level of the organization, performance management helps keep the focus on the crucial targets composing your organization’s strategy. For this reason, we work with you to define vital KPIs and balanced scorecards that are cascaded from corporate, to business units, down to the individual levels in line with strategic targets.

Strategy Deployment

At OGx we approach Strategy Deployment as a management system that aligns – both vertically and horizontally – an organization’s functions and activities with its strategic objectives.

Strategy Deployment is also ideally a process that releases creativity in each Team Member as goals are developed in a dynamic, catch-ball process that involves a dialogue between each level of management about annual corporate objectives.  This engaged dialogue promotes the capability of the organization to manage based on purpose.

Organizational Change Management

Our Organizational Change Management services align people strategies with business strategies and address the human factors affecting an organization’s ability to reach their transformation objectives.  OGx Organizational Change Management experts assist clients with managing change effectively, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing performance management strategies. Our team of experts can help organizations design and implement solutions that deliver change interventions to enable the success of the organization’s transformation goals.

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