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Data Management & Analytics

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Quality Data Analysis

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The most important answers to your complex business challenges may be hiding in your data. Our information management services can help you transform your data into actionable information to help you gain an advantage in forecasting, planning, regulatory compliance, and business performance. We offer an integrated approach to information management services and a broad range of capabilities.

  • Assess data quality
  • Assist with the development and implementation of a Data Management strategy and ongoing data management processes
  • Develop and/or review complex spreadsheet business models
  • Evaluate or implement information and document retention policies and practices
  • Independently assess data quality and data transformation projects
  • Manage and perform data transformation, conversion and cleansing
  • Provide data mining and data analysis services
  • Remediate data quality issues.

Our Capabilities – How we can help you

At OGx we have developed a structured approach and methodology to information management best practices, from strategy through sustainment, enabling access to complete, consistent, timely and trusted information across the data lifecycle. Along with our proven processes, tools and experience, we can assist you in maximizing the value of data assets throughout your enterprise. Companies that view data management as a strategic imperative reap the benefits of operational cost reduction, increased revenue and reduced regulatory risks.

Our Information Management Consulting Focus:

Enterprise Content Management

OGx ECM Practice delivers the full spectrum of advisory services spanning the entire content lifecycle, helping our clients find new ways to capture unstructured data with enterprise content management. These include content creation, controls, migration, deployment, and delivery across multiple channels such as print, online, and wireless devices.

Our major ECM service offerings:

  • Strategy & Architecture: Developing a content management strategy and roadmap and creating technology architecture.
  • Design & Implementation: Analyzing, designing and implementing technology solutions and processes for managing content.
  • Vendor Selection: Providing the right set of applications through our extensive partnerships with leading content management and portal vendors.

Enterprise Data Management

In today’s business landscape it is very likely that you have already heard the concept of “Data as an Asset” and you have possibly already thought about how this would be relevant for your organization. Our EDM offerings ensure data is managed to its full potential to guarantee the right information gets to people when and how they need it to do their jobs effectively. In other words, they help you maximize the value extracted from your data asset.

Our EDM service offering provides a complete range of capabilities to support companies in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Data Strategy: The definition of an enterprise-wide strategy and roadmap for both structured and unstructured data that is in line with the company’s Corporate Strategy to most optimally support a company’s key business processes.
  • Data Governance & Processes: The organization, policies, processes and tools required to maintain the standardized definition of a data element.
  • Data Quality: The capability to provide reliable data that satisfies the business functions and technical requirements of the enterprise.
  • Master Data Management: The management of the fundamental data building blocks that are shared across multiple business transactions.
  • EDM Architecture: The definition of systems, tools and models ensuring integration with corporate infrastructure.

Analytics Advantage

Data gathering and reporting is not sufficient to be one step ahead from the competitors. Do your current reports give you enough insight about what will happen? Do they give you a view on the expectations and risks?

OGx Analytics Advantage focuses on the effective use of data to anticipate the results of business actions. Efficient data mining means looking up the links in the data, experimenting trials, and making forecasting analyses. When going faster, more rationally, with accuracy and fact based operations, companies can obtain huge advantages. Decision support tools based on super-crunching techniques such as statistics and data mining support the managers in improving their organization’s performance.

We have applied Analytics Advantage in different domains for different clients. Below is an overview of the different domains we have capabilities in our Analytics Advantage Practice:

  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Spend analytics
  • Operations analytics
  • Risk analytics
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