Why World Class PMO?

Innovative leaders in today’s rapidly changing business environment understand that having a world class Project Management Office (PMO) is the difference between adaptive, growth-focused performance and stagnation. High performing PMO’s have the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure projects are delivered and strategic objectives are achieved. PMO’s facilitate a centralized and coordinated effort within an organization to ensure projects are managed consistently using best practices. Essentially, PMO’s are meant to ensure that all of your projects are delivered on time and to the specifications of the requirements. PMO’s can mitigate risk and effectively allocate resources, budgets, and schedules. If you want to increase efficiency, functionality, and boost your organization as a whole, developing a world class PMO should be on the top of your initiatives list. Typical Project Management offices are often viewed as inefficient and ineffective, but with OGx’s structured approach to process optimization and value-focused implementation, your PMO can overcome its stereotypical connotations and begin realizing high-impact results that allow the rest of the business to deliver faster, meet and exceed requirements, and create lasting value.

  • 80% of current PMO’s don’t know how their projects align with their company’s business strategy.
  • 68% of stakeholders view their current PMO’s as bureaucratic.
  • 81% of organizations that have a PMO complete at least 80% of projects on time, within budget, and meet business requirements
  • Nearly 70% of organizations implementing PMO’s report that project success rates have improved significantly as a result.

This workshop is a 4 Phase program that will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and methodology to stand up your organization’s PMO initiative by addressing the following critical questions:

  1. How well is your PMO delivering value to both IT and your business stakeholders
  2. Is your PMO aligned with your business and IT strategies? What gaps are there between our PMO current and future state?
  3. Are your PMO intake and project performance processes delivering the results you anticipated?
  4. What kind of tools and technologies are you utilizing today to report on your PMO performance? Is your PMO data-driven?

Key Benefits

  • Learn about the key characteristics of World-Class PMO’s, and how to leverage them to accelerate maximum value
  • Build a structured approach to establishing a World Class PMO
  • Facilitate effective engagement between your PMO and the business to better meet the requirements and desired outcomes
  • Optimize your Project Management strategy and strengthen your risk management capabilities
  • Create a sustainable roadmap for excellence in Project Management that is focused on achieving your organization’s PM objectives

Workshop Phases

Phase 1: High Level Current State Assessment

  • Introduction to World Class Project Management Office
  • Conduct PMO current state assessment
    • Examine process and methodology
    • Evaluate current toolset
    • Perform PMO team skills evaluation
    • Report on PMO maturity
  • Build PMO future state
  • Perform high-level gap analysis

Phase 2: Build World-Class PMO Strategy

  • Develop PMO Charter
    • Define mission and values
    • Develop program structure
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Build communication plan
  • Create PMO evaluation tools
    • Create cost impact scorecard
    • Develop project prioritization
    • Build risk evaluation
  • Develop PMO KPI’s and Metrics
    • Performance evaluation scorecard

Phase 3: Roll Out Your PMO Pilot

  • Identify recommended best practices
  • Build business case for World-Class PMO
  • Establish your customized World-Class PMO process
  • Understand your World-Class PMO metrics and KPIs
  • Managing challenges and change
  • Develop World-Class PMO roadmap and master plan
    • Strategic roadmap
    • Tactical roadmap

Phase 4: Prepare for Wider Rollout (90 Day Sprint)

  • Execute 90 Day Sprint master plan

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