Course Overview

Service Oriented Architecture training (SOA) is designed to develop a straightforward arrangement of components that can cooperatively administer a business service in a timely manner. As a business-driven IT architecture approach, SOA facilitates innovation by enabling IT systems to adapt more quickly to consumer demands and the requirements of the business. Value-driven organizations understand the benefits of a modernized SOA and its importance in maximizing their bottom line.

The OGx Service Oriented Architecture training is a two day course that will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and methodology to build and lead your organization’s SOA initiatives by addressing the following critical questions:

  1. What is Service Oriented Architecture?
  2. How can you incorporate the fundamental components of SOA into your organization?
  3. How critical is SOA to your organization’s success?

During this course, you will receive expert instruction from OGx’s experienced consultants, take part in interactive activities based on real-world examples, and perform a deep-dive into case studies that will allow you to ‘learn, see, and do’ all of the concepts and frameworks presented.

Course Objectives

By attending this course, you will:

  • Understand the fundamental components of successful SOA practices
  • Build a structured approach to developing your SOA skillset
  • Learn to effectively merge business and technical requirements into a comprehensive service
  • Develop your service modeling skills in critical composition frameworks that include Enterprise Service Bus, Network, etc.
  • Enhance design functionality through use case analysis, preemptive risk mitigation, and service scoping
  • Focus your implementation strategy on innovative functionality and continuous improvement

Who Should Attend?

This course is for Senior Level IT members, members of the integration and implementation team, and Senior Developers. It is designed to provide strategies, techniques, and methods for encouraging a culture and environment that focuses on excellence within IT and across your organization.

Why Choose OGx?

At OGx we are focused on creating value for you. Our open public trainings are designed to respond to your individual and organization’s needs. Our education will equip your colleagues and employees with knowledge and skills that can be applied on the first day back on the job. With educated and experienced professionals administering our courses, we promise to deliver the WOW factor that will provide lasting value.

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