Why High Performance Leadership?

This interactive workshop is designed to help you understand practical ways to become a high-performance leader within your organization. It focuses on developing leadership capital, understanding how to inspire and motivate your team, building an awareness of high-performance culture, leveraging emotional intelligence to improve leadership influence, and being clear as to what high performance behaviors we expect from leaders, as used by world-class organizations to benchmark leadership capability.

  • 36% of companies polled say their leadership development practices are still below average or poor.
  • 42% say their companies’ growth plans are slowed by lack of access to the right leadership.

This workshop is a 4 Phase program that will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and practices to stand up your organization’s High-Performance Leadership initiative by addressing the following critical questions:

  1. What is leadership capital, and how to leverage it to improve organizational performance?
  2. What is your strategy for advancing High-Performance Leadership in your organization?
  3. How to develop a culture of High-Performance within your team?

Key Benefits

  • Master the characteristics of High-Performing Leaders
  • Build leadership capital to influence organizational performance
  • Understand the importance of developing the the 4-D system
  • Learn the distinct perspectives of effective time management
  • Lead with respect and dignity in the workplace
  • Build effective relationships with both clients and staff
  • Leverage project management to improve client experience and profitability
  • Explore a range of tools and techniques to maximize personal effectiveness in their personal and professional life
  • Make both effective and actionable goals and establish priorities

Workshop Phases

Phase 1: Develop Leadership Capital & Influence

  • Introduction to High-Performance Leadership
  • Understanding leadership capital
  • Take High-Performance Leadership 360 assessment
  • Aligning with the the 4-D system (High-Performance)

Phase 2: Build High-Performance Culture

  • Create strategic leadership development plan
    • Define Leadership vision
    • Meeting effectiveness training
    • Influencing the team for high-performance
    • Utilizing Emotional Intelligence to create a culture of high-performance

Phase 3: Design a High-Performance Execution Strategy

  • Identify best practices for high-performance team
  • Establish principles for team performance improvement
  • Managing high-performance challenges and change
  • Develop a roadmap and master plan implementing the 4-D system
    • Strategic roadmap
    • Tactical roadmap

Phase 4: Prepare for Wider Rollout (90 Day Sprint)

  • Execute 90 Day Sprint master plan

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