Why Data Management & Governance?

OGx’s Data Governance training provides valuable knowledge on how to manage your organizations vast stores of information. Data is only as advantageous as the business functions, processes, and decisions it supports and advances. Today, organizations understand the importance of data, but lack the ability to use data as a powerhouse for expanding business opportunities and decision making. Effective Data Management and Governance can optimized decision making, innovation, and protect highly confidential information.

  • Organizations spend up to 50% of their time searching for, assuring the accuracy of, and transforming data for useable insight.
  • 99% of executives believe data and analytics are important to their business, although 75% of executives find it challenging to make decisions regarding data and analytics.
  • Only 44% of organizations trust their data to make critical business decisions, with 52% claiming that they rely on guesses and gut feelings to make decisions based on their data.

Data Governance training is a 4 Phased program that will provide you with the knowledge, tools, practices, and principles to stand up your organization’s Data Management and Governance initiative by addressing the following critical questions:

  1. What are your current Data Management challenges?
  2. What does your ideal future state Data Management and Governance program look like? What gaps are there between our current and future state?
  3. Is your Data Management and Governance implementation strategy as comprehensive as possible?
  4. Do you have an effective data management strategy and business case? What does your roadmap for the future entail?

Key Benefits

  • Understand the characteristic and components of successful Data Management and Governance practices, and leverage those concepts for maximum value
  • Define your Data Management and Governance strategy
  • Build a proven approach to enhancing your organization’s Data Management and Governance capabilities
  • Establish a Data Governance body to guide your organization’s Data management efforts
  • Improve your decision making capabilities through optimized data quality, usability, and availability  
  • Build strategic and tactical roadmaps to establish a framework for elevated Data Management and Governance efforts

Workshop Phases

Phase 1: High Level Current State Assessment

  • Introduction to Data Management and Governance
  • Conduct current state assessment
    • Organization (People and skillsets)
    • Data Management and Governance Process
    • Data Management tool and technology stack
    • Maturity scorecard
  • Design future state objectives
  • Perform stakeholder analysis
    • Stakeholder register
  • Define gap analysis

Phase 2: Develop Your Data Management Program

  • Create Data Management and Governance program charter
    • Program structure
    • Value statement
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Policies and procedures
    • Communications plans
  • Identify supplementary tools and technologies
    • Data Management assessment and planning tool
    • Data Governance tools
  • Design a customized Data Management and Governance strategy
    • Clarify future state Data Management and Governance scope
    • Align strategy with business requirements
  • Develop KPIs and metrics

Phase 3: Roll Out Your Data-Driven Pilot

  • Identify recommended best practices
  • Create business case for Data Management and Governance
  • Establish your customized Data Management and Governance process
  • Understand your performance metrics and KPIs
  • Managing data challenges and change
  • Develop Data Management and Governance roadmap and master plan
    • Strategic roadmap
    • Tactical roadmap

Phase 4: Prepare for Wider Rollout (90 Day Sprint)

  • Execute 90 Day Sprint master plan

Why Choose OGx?

At OGx we are focused on creating value for you. Our open public trainings are designed to respond to your individual and organization’s needs. Our education will equip your colleagues and employees with knowledge and skills that can be applied on the first day back on the job. With educated and experienced professionals administering our courses, we promise to deliver the WOW factor that will provide lasting value.

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